Freedom Alert is covered by medicaid

Medicare Part B Reimbursement may cover your Freedom Alert Pendant (PERS)

Because the Freedom Alert Emergency Pendent is considered a “Personal Emergency Response System” it can be covered under your Medicare Part B, or even your health insurance when a prescription proves that it is necessary.

Part B Medicare exists to pay for some of the things that Medicare Part A won’t, as well as other items outside of the realm of prescription medicine and doctors’ visits. Because these expenses are covered under Medicare part B when they are medically necessary, a doctor can provide approval for devices such as a Freedom Alert Pendent (PERS) when certain conditions exist. This approval would come in the form of a prescription.

A prescription will cover the cost of your Freedom Alert Pendent only after you have purchased it yourself, as PERS products are paid for in the form of a reimbursement.

After getting a prescription from your doctor, simply purchase the Freedom Alert system from our website, and print out your receipt at checkout (you will also receive a copy in the mail with your box). The next step is to fill out a CMS‐1490S for which can be retrieved here:

In order for a durable medical equipment product to be covered by Medicare Part B, a prescription from a physician is needed. In the case of a PERS product, the subscriber purchases the product, and then with the receipt from the dealer and the prescription from the doctor, the subscriber submits a form CMS‐1490S, used by the beneficiary to file a claim with Medicare for services and/or supplies received, for reimbursement. The Form CMS‐1490S can be retrieved and downloaded by clicking Here.

For assistance ordering, downloading forms, and answering other questions, please call (800) 822-MOSS (6677) or contact us via email or secure form.