Freedom Alert

Freedom Alert is a battery powered personal emergency response system. The pendant includes a panic button, along with a microphone and speaker for 2 way communication. Freedom Alert stores up to 4 contact numbers, like family, friends, and neighbors.

In an emergency, just push the button

Freedom Alerts starts by calling the first contact you chose, let’s say your neighbor. Pushing the button will call your neighbor and allow them to speak to you on the built-in speakerphone. If your neighbor does not pick up the phone, Freedom Alert will automatically dial the next contact. If all contacts fail to pick up the phone, Freedom Alert dials 911 emergency response if selected.

It’s easy to install

Simply plug the power wire of the base into the wall, followed by a telephone cord. Insert the rechargeable battery into the Freedom Alert pendant.

Programming only takes minutes

Follow the programming directions included with Freedom Alert. The process will allow you to choose your 4 numbers by entering them into your home telephone and following prompts. If you have trouble don’t worry, we’re here for you to help with programming during normal business hours.

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