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Mike G. Oregon. I have a 91 year old mother-in-law who recently got dizzy and fell upon getting out of bed in the morning. My wife and I knew immediately we needed some sort of protection/ coverage/ service, something to help in emergencies. I am a tech-savvy individual, with over 15 years in telecommunication services and equipment. I went to task to research what solutions were available for children with aged parents. I ended up spending a good 3 hours on Google, educating myself.

There are services, services with devices, multiple levels of service and finally stand-alone devices. As I began to get an understanding of the variables of the problem and considered what would be an ideal solution, a device like yours fit better and better. Now my research turned to your device, its features, functions and user comments.

As I read about the Freedom Alert, I was impressed with the “completeness” of features: you have out-thought every situation and built in multiple fail-safes. As a professional, I could tell that a lot of research, development and engineering thought went into this unit. Your development team has thought of every “what if” and planned for each contingency.

Upon educating myself, the purchase was a “no-brainer”. I received the unit a few days later and went next door to my mother-in-law’s to set it up. I was again, and even more so, impressed! There are audible recordings for the battery status. The power cord to the unit has a safety “twist and lock” to prevent accidental unplugging. One button system testing and status features are built in. There are multiple choices for alert scenarios giving us both our daily setting and one ideal for when we’re out of town. I could just go on and on.

I am a hard-nosed critic that has dealt with and sold a lot of communications equipment over the years and praise on this level is rare from me. In this one case, though, I can easily say: “Thank you for the peace of mind; you have designed the perfect product!”
Kay S., Summerfield, FL. “Don’t know what I would do without the ‘Freedom’ that I feel with my FreedomAlert”.

Gary G., Palestine, TX. “Everyone should have Freedom Alert.”

Cindy T., Rolla, MO. “My mother has various disabilities and can get around only by a walker. This device gives us a piece of mind when she visits us. Thanks.”
A.L., Arnold, PA. “No Monthly Fees – Yahoo !”

Larry G.; Parker Colorado. I have purchased two Freedom Alert systems – one for my wife and one for my Dad. I installed and serviced medical alert units for a large service provider for a few years and my wife has used several different systems over the years. THIS IS THE BEST SYSTEM I HAVE FOUND. I chose is primarily for the two-way voice communications and extended range. It is all I expected and more. Dad lives in a three level home on one-half acre. It covered the entire property during my range test and, out of curiosity; I walked two doors down from the house before getting an “out of range” message. It is effective, reliable, simple to operate and simple to install. I’d recommend the FreedomAlert to anyone even if set to call 9-1-1 only.

Lillian W. Thank you Freedom Alert for saving her life last month. I fell and was able to use my FreedomAlert to reach help and was hospitalized promptly and am alive because of it today!

Jane G. Virginia. Just a brief note to thank you for Freedom Alert…. though I can only imagine how intricate the system must be….I’m amazed with its range and design. It seems light as a feather – yet its value is precious indeed for (mom) and us. On a range of 1-10 – this is 100!

Phil H; Cupertino, CA. I just wanted to let you know that I received the Emergency Wall Communicator and that it was successfully paired and tested with the FreedomAlert. I’m very happy with the quality and design of this line of products. My mother (who is 90 years old on Wednesday) feels comfortable using it knowing that she’ll be talking to a familiar responder. It was a pleasure doing business with you. Thanks again. God Bless
Thomas R; Knoxville, TN. I have been using my FreedomAlert system for some time now and have nothing but good to say about it. Very easy to setup and works exactly as expected. Actually it’s better than expected. The range is outstanding. My apartment is approximately 400 feet from the parking lot and I have no problem acquiring the signal even that far from the base station. The entire unit is very well build and the battery life is great. I did not want to have a recurring monthly fee and this unit fills the bill. Its great being able to program the numbers that I want called and to know that in the event no one is available it will automatically revert to a 911 call. Living by myself is great and having the security of the FreedomAlert makes it even better. I would recommend this unit to anyone looking for such a system. Thank You.

Larry B. – Dealer in Norfolk, VA. “I had a customer – Mildred – who had a heart attack the other day. Luckily she had a LifeSentry. Within 10 minutes the emergency services showed up and rushed her off to the hospital where she is recovering. LifeSentry saved her life. I am so pleased and thought I would share the Good News with you.”

Vincent R. Commack, NY. I just wanted to let you know that we purchased the Freedom Alert system for my 82 year old mother a few months ago. Three weeks ago, her internal defibrillator went off 5 times. She used her Freedom Alert to contact 911 and had them contact my brother. The system worked really well and my mother is now recovered and doing well. Thank you very much. The system is great.

Betty P. Trenton, KY. “Mother has a very large yard in which she spends a lot of time. The range on this FreedomAlert is incredible. It works from in the yard nicely.”

Bonnie G. Houston, TX. All the other systems I researched can’t compare to your FreedomAlert. What’s the use of a panic button if one’s emergency can only occur near the intercom/base unit? Knowing that mom isn’t restricted by geography to get help is a huge relief. Also, that her pendant acts as a pre-programmed instant “phone”, calling familiar voices first, is brilliant. Suddenly all other systems seem worthless!

David D., Tiffin, OH. “This FreedomAlert keeps mom independent while giving us kids peace of mind. Good design. Instructions are clear. Ready to go right from the box.”

James Y. Farmington Hills, MI. “Got this for my 91 year old mother. She loves the small, lightweight size and that it can go in the shower. She really likes the no monthly fees and that it can call family without calling 911.”

John G. Boston, MA 02114. “Great Product – very well developed and high quality electronics. Love the no monthly fees”.

Charlie M.: In looking for an alert system for my 90 year old dad, we had one primary thought. That if he fell or needed help, he would need to hear a familiar voice. Not someone he’s never heard, that he probably would not be able to understand. I receive the first call, then my sister, then a cousin in town, then finally 911 if none of us respond. Daddy had to use it 3 weeks ago about 2:30 in the morning. I truly believe he is still with us today because he was able to reach us thru the FREEDOM ALERT that night. He was able to tell us what happened, and he understood what I told him to do. It simply saved his life. You cannot put a price on that kind of assurance. And the fact that the FREEDOM ALERT is inexpensive and with no monthly fee makes it a no-brainer. You can trust these people and their products for the peace of mind you are looking for.

Phyllis T – Elliston, VA The Freedom Alert was so simple to install that I bought one for my neighbor who is 85 yrs old.

Saint M. Jackson, AL. Within two hours of installing the product, my dad fell. He pushed the button and 911 was called. WONDERFUL product!

Colin C. Doylestown, PA: I have a security business and we have carried The Freedom Alert 911 product for years. We never really advertised it until now! I have an elderly father and one day while working I was listening to my police scanner I heard talk about a fall victim – at my father’s address. I volunteer with the local medic group, so I jumped into my truck and ran over to meet him there. As it turned out, my father had used his Freedom Alert phone I got him years ago. As a security consultant, I have advised shop owners and even domestic violence victims to have one. Usually when the “Badguy” shows up he does not let you use the phone to call 911. This directly dials 911 and even if you don’t speak, you have an open line. GET ONE AND GET ONE FOR SOMEONE YOU CARE ABOUT!

Carolyn R. I want to let you know how grateful I am for your product. My 100 year old mother is safer now, and I have peace of mind when I leave her and go to work. Thank you.

Marvin. I got my mother-in-law a FreedomAlert awhile back. Just the other night, she had to use it. When she called for help, the audio was clear enough to the point that I didn’t realize she was using the pendent. She also heard me quite clearly. I would say we are quite satisfied. Thanks.

Dwayne P. Lakeland, Fl. My Freedom Alert is now up and running. I set the unit to call 911. During the test, the operator informed me that she was impressed that I could talk to her on the device. She said that if I was able to talk they would be able to communicate with me. And, if I could not talk, they would send a police officer and ambulance to check on me. I tested reception from all corners of my property, and that went well. Your product is everything you say it is, and that makes me a very satistied owner of a Freedom Alert. Thank You and I hope I never have to use this little beauty.

Jane S., St. Augustine, FL: “I am a pharmacist and offered to locate an emergency alarm system for a friend. After comparing different personal alarm systems via the Internet I decided the Freedom Alert 911 was the best choice. When my Freedom Alert arrived, I gave it to my across-the-street-neighbor, Kathleen, to examine. The next morning two friends were in my driveway talking with me when Kathleen came across the street wearing the pendant. She was very excited to announce that she had tested the unit in every room, the basement, to the edge of her property, plus across the street to the property line at the back of my house and had a positive connection. We walked farther up the street and continued to have a positive connection. Fantastic coverage!”

Laura W. of Mentor, Ohio. “Freedom Alert saved my life. Thanks !!!”

Bobby K. of Brownfield, TX. “Freedom Alert saved my sister’s life 2 weeks after she got it!”. Thanks.

Bonny R. of Saranac, MI. “The Freedom Alert 911 was a savior of my life after I fell in the snow bank. I couldn’t get up. I didn’t have the strength to lift myself. But I had Freedom Alert, and help came. Thank you very much.”

Tom R, Falls Church, VA. My 75 year old mother has been using the Freedom Alert for the past month and I wanted to write to you to tell you how much she appreciates it, and how much her family does too. Mom lives alone and she says the Freedom Alert gives her a sense of security and independence – she knows that 911 and help is only the press of a button away if she needs it. She especially likes the fact that it is water resistant so that if she slips in the shower she can call for help. We tested the range when we first connected it and it gives her coverage over her entire property. As for me, it’s great to be able to not have to buy a monthly service. I much prefer the onetime cost and she appreciates the direct connect to 911. A reasonably priced product that does the job its intended to do. What more can we ask for?

Rick A - Just bought a Guardian for my 84 year old Father who is afraid to be alone. I took the Freedom Alert out to his work bench in the garage to test it the other day. It’s a block garage half buried in a hillside, tons of big steel objects around. The Freedom Alert had a rock solid link with the base unit on the far side of the house 200′ away. This really is a high quality fine product. Thank You.

Tracy T. of Ontario, Canada. Believe it or not, we used this the first day! Dad fell and was able to use it with no problems. Thankyou!

Augusto F. of Fontana, CA. You guys have a great product there – I could not believe how easy it was to set up my Freedom Alert. Less than 10 minutes.

My brother was the one that got this for my mother, and told me about it, but I have to admit – I was a bit skeptical about his claim that this would be simple. However, after last night, I am a believer.

With America’s aging population, you all should do very well with Freedom Alert.

Marilyn B. of Portland, OR. I am a nurse with 5 patients using Freedom Alert. Recently one man fell and broke his ankle. Home alone and not expecting to see anyone for days – he pushed his Freedom Alert button and had help within minutes. Another patient fell in the bathroom and was bleeding severely. His wife was trying to stop the bleeding then remembered the Freedom Alert. She pushed the blue button and help was at the door in 5 minutes.

Connie J. of Beaumont, TX. Thanks for a great product. I fell recently and used the Freedom Alert to summon help. 911 was there in minutes. I am so happy with Freedom Alert, that I am telling everyone about it.

Nicky C. of Atlanta, GA. I’m 77 years old and love the Freedom Alert 911 product. It has saved my life twice! I am very grateful, and wanted to let you know.
Burt B. of Daytona, FL. Not long ago my father had a mild stroke. And, because of the quick response that Freedom Alert provided (even though he could not speak), his life was saved. I am convinced that if my father did not have the Freedom Alert product, I would have lost him. Thank you!

James R. I wanted to thank you for saving my mother’s life the other day. She fell in the bathroom and cracked her head open. She was able to use the pendant to call 911 before passing out. The EMT arrived in time to save her life. She ended up loosing 4 pints of blood. If it wasn’t for the Freedom Alert 911 – my mother wouldn’t be here today. THANKS.

Chief of Prosthetics – Veterans Administration. I’m impressed with the product and the healthcare value it offers our veterans.

Robert K. The Freedom Alert has saved my life 4 times this past year. I had 4 heart attacks and each time was able to get help quickly – thanks to Freedom Alert 911. I love the product and tell others about it all the time.

Robert E. of Castlebury, FL. I purchased the Freedom Alert 911 in 2007. Over a year later in December of 2008, I felt bad and checked myself into the hospital. I was discharged a few days later. Two days from my discharge, I had a sudden heart attack and found myself on the floor. I had my Freedom Alert with me and pushed the button. EMT showed up within minutes and administered support. I am doing great today. At 75 years old, and living alone, I feel so secure knowing that the Freedom Alert is with me at all times in case I need it. I am telling everyone about it. Thank you!

Vincent M. of Long Island, NY. I just want to let you know that Freedom Alert saved my mom’s life. She is a severe diabetic and had an attack the other day. She pushed the Freedom Alert’s button. Within seconds, 911 answered and had an ambulance there shortly and handled the situation. What a great product – and no monthly fees. Also, I was curious – so checked the range of the product – and found it worked from everywhere outside my folks house around their yard. Thanks again for this great product and for saving my mom’s life!

Frank E., of Round Rock, TX. What a great product for us elders! Nearly everyone in our eldercare facility uses your product and relies upon the safety it provides.

Irene M., of Gaithersburg, MD. A little over a year ago I fell and broke my arm and side – and lay on the floor for 3 days before someone came to my aid. After a month in the hospital and a year of therapy later – I have a Freedom Alert 911 product – and wouldn’t live without it. And I love the no monthly fees. Thanks for a great product – I recommend it to all my friends.

Maxine R. of Northern Virginia Freedom Alert 911 saves life of 74-year-old

In the midst of a long dry spell during the dog days of August, Maxine was in her backyard, watering plants. She later decided to clean the nearby area where workers were installing an elevator, next to her patio: a decision she would soon come to regret.

As she began to sweep the area, a large black dust cloud emerged from the ground quickly engulfing her. She thought nothing of it, and quickly finished before heading inside.

Once Maxine was indoors, however, her hands began to itch. Within seconds, the irritation had spread across her entire body.

She decided to take a shower in the hopes of washing off the irritants, but by the time she reached her bedroom, her throat and tongue felt numb. Clearly, there was something seriously wrong … a process that took all of 10 seconds.

Maxine knew instantly she needed help and thought of calling her daughter, but she quickly realized her daughter lived too far away to help.

“At that moment, it dawned on me that I might only have one chance to make a call,” Maxine said. “I knew that I had to make that call count.”

Luckily, she had received the Freedom Alert 911 as a gift from a friend, concerned about Maxine living alone after 52 years of marriage. She pushed the button on the device and within seconds was speaking with an emergency operator. Maxine explained the situation, and told the operator that she thought she was dying. The operator kept Maxine calm and promised to send help quickly.

Ten minutes later, several emergency vehicles had arrived and Maxine was en route to a nearby hospital. She was later diagnosed with an allergic reaction, most likely caused by a mold or fungus in the black dust cloud.

“I’m grateful that I had the Freedom Alert 911 because I had never had an allergic reaction before,” said Maxine. “I kept thinking that I was going to die and that my children were going to find me lying on the floor.”

For Maxine, it was a story with a happy ending.
Charles W. of Kalamazoo, MI. I was outside in the snow around our barn the other day – and lost my Freedom Alert 911 pendant because I was not wearing it around my neck. It was too dark to find it – so I had to come back in the house. The next day, I searched again and found it – under 8 inches of snow. I washed it off – dried it out – and it worked just great. Great product.

Robert K. of Davidsville, PA. I purchased Freedom Alert 911 for myself to insure the quickest response by EMS due to the numerous medical problems I have.
Lorraine A. of Lagua Woods, CA. I am 78 years old and live alone. I bought my Freedom Alert 911 after having a friend fall due to a stroke and lay on the floor for 12 hours. The instructions were easy to follow and I would recommend it to others.

Caroline K. of Cashton, WI. I got my Freedom Alert 911 to give me peace of mind and independence. Thanks.

Marianne K. of Fairborn, OH. This was perfect for my mother since she needs some sort of medical pendant – but refuses to use a cell phone. Freedom Alert was my answer and I will recommend it to others.

Connie S. of Comerce City, CO. I wear the pendant on a daily basis and I feel safe and secure because of it. Thank you for making such a great product.